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My husband won't discipline our children!

If it feels like he’s leaving the unpleasant side of parenting to you then this isn’t fair. Stereotypically, dads are always the fun ones, but this is a stereotype, not necessarily a reality and doesn’t need to be so in your household.

First off, you need to establish that discipline doesn’t mean beating a child to within an inch of its life. If you scare a child, you’re doing it wrong anyway. Be positive about it with him. Focus on the kinds of behaviours and attitude that you think are important to teach your kids and try and establish a way in which this can be enforced.

You also need to tell him, without nagging or getting hysterical, how you feel about the situation you’re in. The chances are that he hasn’t realised it’s even an issue. If however, he is aware and is making an effort to be seen as the ‘nice’ parent, then the next time your child gets into trouble at school, breaks something at home, defies you, whatever, then let him deal with it and see how he feels then.

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