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My husband won't consider children!

Think about the reasons why. If there is a large age gap between you – is he older? – then it might be that the idea of nappies, sleepless nights and constant care are too much for him to handle when he envisioned settling down for lazy Sundays and long holidays with you.

Does he already have children (from a previous marriage or otherwise)? This quite often turns men off the idea of more children because they feel they already have a lot of responsibility. You might also find that if your husband has an ‘accidental’ child (maybe through a high school girlfriend or a bad relationship) then the thought of child rearing is associated with negative things in his mind. This isn’t to say he hates children; it might just be a little emotionally stressful for him.

Set a date 4 months from now where you promise not to talk about children until then. When that date comes around, give yourselves some time and devote yourselves to discussing it and finding some kind of compromise. If he is still sceptical, then wait another 4 months, then another 4 etc. Give yourself as long as it takes.

If after so long, he is making no progress and your desire for motherhood is overwhelming, then you need to deliver him an ultimatum.

In cases such as this, you will find plenty of men here who are more than willing to have children!


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