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My husband won't cook!

Take this as a complement! Your food is probably so fantastic he doesn’t want to disappoint his growling stomach by ‘filling’ it with something that doesn’t quite match up.

Has he tried to cook in the past and you’ve intervened? If this is the case, he probably thinks there’s no point in bothering. Maybe you could ask him to cook dinner and have it ready for 7.30, telling him you’ll be working late until that time. That way he has the run of the kitchen to explore in and experiment with.

If his food is great, then congratulate him and make him feel like he did a good job. If it’s terrible, well, there’s your reason for his lack of kitchen help! If this is the problem, then do something fun as a couple, enrol in a cooking class! It might not work out, but as long as you give it a go and your husband has a really good crack at it, at least you can see he’s making the effort

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