my husband wont
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If there is something that your husband won't do, see if our My Husband Won't guides can help you out.

If not, we're sure you'll find someone else's husband online that will be able to help. There are tens of thouands of members, click here to see some of them now.

My husband won't eat my cooking!

Plain and simply, if he doesn’t like it, he can cook it himself. Unless you actually aren’t a very good cook (the signs will be there, do your friends leave large amounts when you cook for them, do your kids struggle with eating it, do you tend to stick to easy things like pizza, steamed vegetables and pasta?) then this is an issue he needs to address.

You can also make some compromises. It’s possible that he genuinely doesn’t like what you’re cooking him – remember, everyone has different tastes – and you’re so infuriated with him that you won’t consider the point he’s trying to make. Listen to what he has to say and try and make the changes if they’re needed.

If it goes on after you feel you’ve tried everything? There’s nothing like an ungrateful man to really get your hackles up. Have a look at this site and find a place to vent all that excess energy into someone who appreciates it.

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