my husband wont
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If there is something that your husband won't do, see if our My Husband Won't guides can help you out.

If not, we're sure you'll find someone else's husband online that will be able to help. There are tens of thouands of members, click here to see some of them now.

My husband won't lose weight!

If your husband has not only become unattractive to you, but is threatening his own health as well, then this is a problem that needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Telling someone their overweight is a sensitive issue, but especially in a marriage where love is supposed to be unconditional. Therefore you need to be tactful with both telling him about your problem and the way you choose to deal with it as a couple.

If you start by dropping hints, the chances are he will eventually come round and admit it himself. If this is not the case however, then you might find that a more direct approach is necessary. Encourage him to be more active and take up a new hobby and at meal times (is you’re in charge) stop serving high fat foods and desserts. If you can subtly reduce his portions he won’t even notice them going down. Get the whole family involved, you’ll get there!

If he makes no effort for you, there are thousands of men in great shape out there who are desperate to meet and appreciate a beautiful woman. Find them here!

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