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If there is something that your husband won't do, see if our My Husband Won't guides can help you out.

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My husband won't support me when my mother in law is being evil!

This is a tricky situation to be in because before you can do anything, you need to understand what you’re dealing with. Mother’s are incredibly protective over their children, and up until now, your husband’s mother has probably been one of, if not the most important woman in his life. You can look at it like a territorial thing; she wants to be sure you’re looking after her son (and this will be particularly fierce if he’s her only child) and therefore probably comes across as a little nasty at times.

However, if your man isn’t sticking up for you and helping you out, you need to let him know in no uncertain terms that it’s bothering you. Sure, sometimes you might be wrong and it doesn’t mean his mother is out of the picture, but at the end of the day, you are number 1 now. Both he and she need to understand and respect this.

If the problem really doesn’t go away and you really want to make that woman mad, take a look at this page – you’ll find more than your fair share of bait there.

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