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My husband won't take me seriously!

Think about why this is – for example, have you come up with ultimatums in the past and then failed to stick to them? This includes things like healthy eating and exercise regimes.

If you’re a ‘stay at home mum’ and you moan about how stressful it is or how hard the housework is and when he comes home from a hard day at work, you’re lying on the sofa, he’s bound to be aggravated with your behaviour.

So, that considered, is he not taking you seriously because of a bed you’ve made for yourself? You need to talk about this with him and if it’s really ruining your life then do what is best for you (and your children) and get the hell away.

If he’s being patronizing however, you need to get pro active. Show him that you can be the person you say you are. Organise events; do the things you want to do – want a new car? Go and do some research into it, show him you’re serious. The chances are he’ll be so blown over by this he won’t even notice when you slide straight into control of your relationship.

It is a common problem with men – they think they’re duty is to look after their family and the ‘weaker’ sex. This is especially pronounced if they’re the only breadwinner in the family. This often evolves (usually subconsciously) into a system of control. It just means usually that there has been a breakdown in communication somewhere.

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