my husband wont
my husband wont ask eddy

If there is something that your husband won't do, see if our My Husband Won't guides can help you out.

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My husband won't talk to me!

Think about why this might be the problem – are you nagging him all the time? As much as it’s a stereotype, it is a terrible thing that women do and for some reason, although rejecting with ferocity almost all other gender roles, this one has stuck around.

The problem could be in him however. Take a step back and look at the wider image. Is he having a hard time at work, with friends or with his parents? Is there something else going on, does he seem like he’s being secretive?

The point here is that you need to get him to talk to understand the issue. You need to let him know that you’re not happy and to you it seems like he isn’t either. You should be working as a unit, if one person isn’t happy, then neither of you are and thus the issue needs to be resolved.

If it continues to be a problem, another, easier option to deal with the rejection and maybe spark a bit of interest in him is to take a look at this page and take your pick from hundreds of men who are more than willing to ‘talk’ to you about anything you desire…

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