my husband wont
my husband wont ask eddy

If there is something that your husband won't do, see if our My Husband Won't guides can help you out.

If not, we're sure you'll find someone else's husband online that will be able to help. There are tens of thouands of members, click here to see some of them now.

My husband won't put the XBOX away!

Ah, virtual games, the joy of every man’s life. Though men probably don’t think about it like this, the escape from real life and the drama, excitement and pace fulfils all the (unrealistic) desires they had as little boys to be warriors, soldiers and spies.

But, without having to analyze it too much, it’s fun and they enjoy it. Everyone is allowed to have their own interests and enjoy them without hassle – so let him play.

If it’s becoming a problem and he won’t help you out, then that much is simple. Don’t do his washing or wash his dishes etc. That way he’ll be forced into a little domestic activity and it will eventually become like second nature to him. Good Luck!

Alternatively, find a man here who has no interest whatsoever in virtual realities. His only interest is in you.


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